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Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig

Hello and welcome to Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig, where I interview entrepreneurs doing startups across borders and the investors who support them, with a focus on companies that have some relationship to Latin America.

Nov 25, 2020

Javier García, Femsa: Collaborating with the most disruptive startups in Latin America, Ep 128


Javier García knew that there were at least 50 ways of doing corporate venture capital the wrong way, which is why he took a couple of years to figure out how to do it right with FEMSA. Today, Javier is the Director of...

Nov 17, 2020

Manuel Olguín, Keynua: E-signatures for the Latin American market, Ep 127

As a serial entrepreneur in Latin America, Manuel Olguín is very familiar with the unique challenges that the region holds that can turn into amazing opportunities. One of those pain points is the time-consuming process of signing legal...

Nov 10, 2020

Amir Salihefendic, Doist: Best Practices for the Remote Work Revolution, Ep 126

Although Amir Salihefendic has been an advocate for remote work for over a decade, he never envisioned that the worldwide shift to remote would take place as a result of a pandemic. Amir is the founder and CEO of Doist, a remote-first...