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Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig

Hello and welcome to Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig, where I interview entrepreneurs doing startups across borders and the investors who support them, with a focus on companies that have some relationship to Latin America.

Jul 22, 2021

Greatest Hits Episode: Federico Vega, Transforming Transport Logistics in Latin America, Ep 145

For this week’s episode of Crossing Borders we’re revisiting one of our greatest hits episodes featuring Cargo X’s Federico Vega.


Anytime you have an item that you need to send from here to there you enter the world...

Jul 6, 2021

Pedro Moura, Flourish: Building the tech infrastructure to help people make better financial decisions, Ep 144


Pedro Moura moved from Natal, Brazil to the US at a young age, overcoming many challenges while always trying to build a better future for himself, his family and his region. His perseverance and grit guided...

Jun 1, 2021

Alexander Torrenegra, Torre: Reinventing job-matching and recruitment services, Ep 143


Alexander Torrenegra believes that most talent is going to waste because it’s not being exposed to the right opportunities. That’s why he founded Torre, a platform that streamlines the application, recruitment, and...

May 26, 2021

Pete Flint, NFX: Tapping into world-class startups in Latin America, Ep 142


During the summer of ‘95, when Netscape went public, Pete Flint decided he wanted to get involved in Internet startups as the next step in his career. He went on to form part of the founding team of in the UK– an online...

May 11, 2021

Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline: Building world class startups from Mexico and Silicon Valley , Ep 141


Bismarck Lepe was part of the first batch of entrepreneurs to leave Google, ready to take the world by storm. And that he did. His first startup was Ooyala, an online video platform company that he built from zero to a...